Micro Wedding
Access to Greenhouse for 6 hours
Up to 50 Guests
Seven Church Pews
Tables, Chairs, Doors for
 Aisle Entry, Personal Decorator, Access to Antique Collection



Micro Wedding
Access to Greenhouse for 4 hours
Up to 30 Guests
Seven Church Pews
Tables, Chairs
Fridays-Sundays only



Access to Greenhouse for 1 hour
Couple, Pastor, Up to 8 Guests 
Two Church Pews
Mondays-Thursdays only


This is where it gets fun! Hooray!You have decided to host your special day at Three Oaks Manor. Lets choose the right package to fit your needs.


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Owners Austin and Alexis Fisher would love to work with you on creating the most magical space for any special event. Hands on decorating and planning or leave it all up to us and we can make your vision a reality!  Let us know how we can help you!

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